A Potted History

Some key points in the history of HiQ Sound are listed below, there are of course many other smaller projects too numerous to list here.
HIQ Sound was originally formed in 1986 as a PA hire company providing a range of PA services from conferences to concerts.
By 1993, having designed and built much of our own equipment we changed the emphasis of the business to design and manufacture of components for PA systems for sale to installers and other PA companies.
1997, Publication and subsequent presentation of a paper given to The Institute of Acoustics, entitled “Loudspeaker Specifications, Fact or Fiction, A Manufacturers Perspective” Proc. IOA Vol.19: Part 6 (1997)
1999. The design and development of the Videologic Sirocco range of active loudspeaker systems for multimedia applications. The Sirocco system was subsequently a Millennium product. Arguably, the most successful PC media speaker system sold in the UK.
1999. The design, development and manufacture of the electronics and pickup systems for Bridge Instruments. These are included in their range of very high quality “modern” stringed instruments including violins, cellos and double basses. The violin (Lyra) was also a Millennium product.
1999-2004 We were involved in supplying stadium speaker products to installers; these are solution specific products designed for each stadium to meet the coverage specifications and the voice evacuation specifications. This included the new stand at Chelsea F.C. These have been successfully deployed in Fulham, Oxford and Stoke football club grounds, amongst others.
1999–present, products include: high power passive crossover networks, loudspeaker system controllers, loudspeaker cabinet design and optimisation, modular amplifier systems Lo Z/100V Line, paging/music zone controllers and electronics for musical instruments. Other developments have included a range of hi-fi equipment and studio monitors. Media centre PCs for AV installations.
1999-2005. The provision of AV systems in the new Science block and large scale TV distribution systems in the accommodation blocks at the University of Lincoln.
1999-2000. The design and installation of AV systems in the University of Lincoln Sports Hall.
2001-2005. Design consultancy for Pure Digital for their “Evoke” range of DAB radios and “The Bug”.
2005, Stanley Casinos Star City development in Birmingham, we supplied and commissioned the bulk of the speaker systems including a very novel curved array speaker that surrounded the main room, where innovative techniques have resulted in a high SPL, extremely uniform coverage system for a large area that is built into the fabric of the building. This had the effect of producing audio that appeared to emanate from in front of the client regardless of their position or the direction they faced!
2006. Design of 2” and 1.4” compression drivers for Precision Devices.
2007, Visual information display systems in the Lincoln factory of Walkers snack foods featuring waterproof LCD screens for the factory environment.

Current significant customers include:

MOD RAF and Army establishments in the NE region, work includes the maintenance and replacement of critical audio systems for Babcock Dyncorp.
EDF Energy for the maintenance and upgrade of the voice alarm system at their West Burton site.
CENTRICA UK Killingholme power station, maintenance and upgrade of the voice alarm system
Motor Sport Vision Ltd Cadwell Park Circuit for the maintenance and upgrade of audio-visual systems.
Wharfedale IAG, design consultancy for array speaker products for the international market.
EPIC Centre, Lincolnshire Events Centre. Summer 2008, Installation of integrated AV system in the halls and suites in the centre


Over the years we have been involved in the design, development, manufacture and support of a very broad range of high SPL loudspeakers and associated analogue processing products for installation. A great deal of this work has been for Ivor Green and Associates, for whom we have designed and manufactured both production and bespoke products. These have been to satisfy the need for high performance, high SPL and versatile music reproduction of both live and recorded material. Such products have been installed in a multitude of venues across the UK.
Design, manufacture and consultancy on loudspeaker projects for JBL Europe, JBL UK, Celestion, Wharfedale Professional, Eminence Europe, Precision Devices, Harman Cinema, Luthman, Concert Systems, Navica and HNE Systems amongst others.
For a period of more than ten years we were responsible for most of the R&D for Logic System Pro Audio Ltd., a UK loudspeaker manufacturer.
We have recently finished a government (DTI) funded Research Project (EMX02954) into the theoretical and practical aspects of 2-dimensional loudspeaker array structures.
Mark Hudson, BSc (Hons) audio/electronics design

Tony Hopkinson, installation design

Address Cliff Farm, North Carlton, Lincoln, LN1 2RP

Telephone Number 01522 730969

Email Address info@hiqsound.co.uk

Vat No: 455319443

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