Design Consultancy

Over the years we have been involved in the design, development, manufacture and support of a very broad range of high SPL loudspeakers and associated analogue processing products for installation. A great deal of this work has been for Ivor Green and Associates, for whom we have designed and manufactured both production and bespoke products. These have been to satisfy the need for high performance, high SPL and versatile music reproduction of both live and recorded material. Such products have been installed in a multitude of venues across the UK.
Design, manufacture and consultancy on loudspeaker projects for JBL Europe, JBL UK, Celestion, Wharfedale Professional, Eminence Europe, Precision Devices, Harman Cinema, Luthman, Concert Systems, Navica and HNE Systems amongst others.
For a period of more than ten years we were responsible for most of the R&D for Logic System Pro Audio Ltd., a UK loudspeaker manufacturer.
We have recently finished a government (DTI) funded Research Project (EMX02954) into the theoretical and practical aspects of 2-dimensional loudspeaker array structures.
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If you have any specific design requirements or proposals, please contact us with details and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

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